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The University of Burgos (UBU) was founded in 1994 and has assume its role in the economy, by being capable of responding better and faster to market demands and of developing alliances that can make good use of the scientific and technical knowledge it possesses. According to CyD (Foundation for Knowledge and Development) ranking of normalized impact on research production (2011) University of Burgos holds the 13th position among Spanish Universities with a 1,22 impact index. According to SCImago Institutions Ranking (SIR 2012), the University of Burgos holds the ES.R 105 with a Q1 of 55,8 and Excelence Rate of 13.7 , being leader among the regional universities.

The University of Burgos with the aim of establishing consolidated reciprocal relationships with business community has been integrated in the following National Technology Platforms (Food for Life, SusChem, Wine , Environment, Solar, Biomass) enabling efforts to be made towards a more committed, structured mapped out innovation scenario.

Likewise, close partnerships have been carried out among the Burgos BIC (Business Innovation Center), AJE (Association of Young Entrepreneur), FAE (Confederation of Associations of Enterprises), which enhances its social dimension and helps knowledge generation to be channelled towards progress, welfare and competitiveness in the economy and employment. Thus, the UBU is becoming increasingly well-attuned with the Triple Helix model (model of innovation in a knowledge-based economy)

Besides, UBU is enrolled in a regional transfer University-Enterprise Strategy (2008–2013) aiming at 7 strategic objectives: Strengthen knowledge transfer structures, Generate and strengthen technological supply oriented towards business demand, Promote joint R&D, Promote exploitation of Knowledge, Generate and consolidate technology-based Business activities, Promote innovative culture, Strengthen university–Business convergence.

Since year 2000 UBU has been active in several Research & Innovation European Programmes (FP, CIP, Life, Cost, LLP) with several on-going projects in 7 FP (PROMISE, RADINTERFACES, EMAP, PIEDPIPER, SNIFFER) currently.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)Computer Software TechnologyData Protection, Storage Technology, Cryptography, Data SecurityDatabases, Database Management, Data MiningEnvironmental and Biometrics Sensors, Actuators and 106 more
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Small and Medium Enterprise

Portfolio of Technology Offers (21)

Polymeric material that responds colorimetrically to the presence of biogenic amines. The presence of biogenic amines is related to fish spoilage, becoming an indicator of freshness and quality for optimal consumption. The material developed is able to determine biogenic amines in solution and in g[…]

Device that allows simultaneous diffuse radiation in four spatial directions and in both horizontal and vertical planes. Model the diffuse radiation over any facade or cover surface is possible using this mechanism.[…]

It is well known that there are correlations between fiber orientation and mechanical and/or physical properties of the composite. Knowing the real orientation of the fibers within a composite material can help to optimize the design and manufacturing process. A composite material contains materia[…]

The invention relates to a new general method for the reduction of nitroarenes to anilines using a Mo(VI) catalyst and pinacol as reducing agent. The products obtained show excellent yields. It should be noted that this new method uses an easily available and non-toxic reducing agent that generates […]

A new procedure for the oxidation of a sulfoxide group to a sulfone group has been patented. This new process consists in the oxidation of the sulfoxide with air in the presence of a molibdenum compound as catalyst, preferentially dioxomolibdenum (VI) bis(acetilacetonate) or dinuclear derivatives co[…]

The present technology relates to a new general procedure for the reduction of sulfoxides to sulfides using [MoO2Cl2(dmf)2] as catalyst and poliols (pinacol or glycerol) as reducing agent. The products are obtained in excellent yields. It is worth to note that this new procedure uses an easily avail[…]

The technology involves a machine that supports solar modules (photovoltaic, thermal or hybrid) increasing significantly its energy efficiency. The main feature of both solar trackers is its simplicity of the machine and its parallel kinematics working principle. Its structure provides a robust sup[…]

It is known the high toxicity of nitro-explosives, namely TNT, which are easily absorbed by the skin and the intestinal tract. It is also known the presence of this compound in contaminated civil areas arisen from older military installations, or even from terrorist attacks. This causes both health […]

The development of simple, fast and inexpensive colorimetric sensors for timeless and in-situ detection of trace amounts of iron, aluminium and mercury in aqueous media by non-specialized personnel has become a major challenge, mainly because the presence or absence of these compounds can lead to a […]

The present invention relates to an inflatable rescue device for people, and method of use thereof, which can be used to evacuate the staff of high buildings in emergency situations, as it could be a fire , danger of imminent collapse, or other situations that prevent or advise the non- evacuation t[…]

Telescopic intramedullary device for the elongation of long bones, mainly for patients with achondroplasia (1 in 25,000 live births), which has a motorized tight mechanism, that increases its length by request of the patient, without any physical connection to the device. For its self-supporting cha[…]

The field of the invention is related to compounds containing a triazole-dipyrromethene core which facilitate the anion transport through lipid membranes. These molecules are capable of mimicking the function of transmembrane proteins and thus replacing their function at cellular level. These compou[…]

Food-use collagen obtaining through pigskin degreasing using compressed carbon dioxide (yields above 90%). The method does not alter the nature of the protein contained in the skin and uses a safe solvent (CO2) in order to obtain a suitable feedstock.[…]

A research group at the University of Burgos have patented different materials whose base is gypsum and construction have improved properties, especially for the use of the same mass as coatings or to prefabricated interior. The feature common to all is that different wastes are used for which the c[…]

A research group at the University of Burgos have patented different materials whose base is the lime and they have improved properties for construction, particularly for the use thereof as coatings used in Artistic Heritage. The feature common to all is that different wastes are used for which the […]

Electronic device capable of detecting lactic acid in sweat, in real time, through screen-printed electrodes. The device includes an enzymatic biosensor capable of measuring the specific activity of the enzyme lactate oxidase on lactic acid, substance generated during physical exercise and partly ex[…]

Regenerative braking device capable of storing the kinetic energy absorbed during the braking process of the bicycle, by compressing ambient air and storing that energy as compressed air. This compressed air is used as an energy source in case of need extra help in cyclist’s pedalling.[…]

Test kit for both qualitative and quantitative detection of different types of tertiary amines in situ. Detection of tertiary amines is very important as they are classified in several occasions as toxic analytes and/or contaminants. Among the tertiary amines capable of being detected by the devel[…]

A research group at the University of Burgos have patented different materials whose base are cement and have improved for the construction and civil engineering properties, especially for the use thereof as indoor / outdoor carpet, as landfill soil and grouting factories. The feature common to all […]

At present, and since the introduction of wind turbine parks high altitude, it is difficult to clean the outside of the towers and wind turbine blades with traditional systems. For reasons of typical maintenance tasks, often occur spills of fluids and lubricants transmissions machinery transforming[…]

Software developed for route optimization as intended for companies or entities interested in solving their problems of transportation planning (delivery to customers or delegations, collection suppliers, etc.). The aim of using this system is to help obtain cheaper solutions, more convenient, secu[…]

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