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Tecnologías disponibles

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Recursos marinos y agrícolas

  • Kit de detección de drogas y sustancias tóxicas

    Aspectos nuevos e innovadores La principal innovación es el hecho de que la iluminación de ciertos reactivos halogenados en presencia de estas aminas provoca una fluorescencia intensa que es detectable mediante un espe ...

Industria Agroalimentaria

Ciencias Biológicas

Electrónica, Telecomunicaciones y Tecnologías de la Información


Producción Industrial, Materiales y Tecnologías de Transporte

Medidas y Estándares

Otras Tecnologías Industriales

Protección del hombre y el medio ambiente

Available Technologies

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Agriculture and Marine Resources

  • Detection Kit for drugs and toxic substances

    New and innovative aspects The main innovation is that the illumination of certain halogenated reagents in the presence of these amines causes intense fluorescence that is detectable by a spectrofluorometer, whose emission intensity ...

Agrofood Industry

Biological Sciences

Electronics, IT and Telecomms

  • PAVEL: Vehicle route planning and logistics operations

    New and innovative aspects The novel aspect and that gives added value to the product compared to other commercial solutions is the optimization algorithm used which is where it resides the innovation of the software developed. This ...

  • Device for detecting and monitoring lactate in sweat

    New and innovative aspects At present, no measuring device capable of lactic acid in sweat is recognized. Currently it has not been detected any device capable of measuring lactic acid in sweat Lactate is a good indicator of the ...


Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies

Measurements and Standards

Other Industrial Technologies

Protecting man and Environment

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