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The aim of the The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of the Univesidad de Burgos is to promote Innovation technology through the reseach results transfer and the conexions between the University and the new needs and requirements of the society - we are the link between the University and the Industry. Contact person: José Manuel López (jmllopez@ubu.es)
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Technology Transfer Office
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Model combination method (ensembles). Construction of

In supervised learning tasks, a data set is available, made up of several examples for which the values ​​of certain variables are known and the aim is to obtain a model that relates the different variables with one of them, which is the one that is to be predicted . Depending on whether the variabl[…]

Design of training programs and learning resources that promote autonomy and prevent dependence onold people.

Training programs to develop technological innovations with a pedagogical structurefor its application in different social contexts to lifelong learningas a strategy for active aging and prevention of dependency.[…]

Neural models based on unsupervised learning for the visualization of large data sets

With the models developed by this group, the structure of high-dimensional data sets can be visualized first and subsequently analyzed. I mean, itallows a study of data for example with a large number of instances (examples) andalso a large number of variables for each of them.[…]

Automated multi sensory  rooms

Our technology meants to automate multi sensory rooms allowing the therapist to configure the sequence of activities beforehand. As a result the therapist is fully devoted to the patient. Our software allows the therapist to keep track of patient's evolution as well.[…]

Agriculture and Marine Resources (4)

Material capable of determining copper in must samples

Researchers from the University of Burgos have developed a polymer that is capable of interacting with copper. In this context, it has been verified that, using this material, the concentration of copper in must samples can be determined quickly and easily.[…]

Microencapsulation of enzymes to accelerate the cheese ripening process

Researchers at the University of Burgos are developing a technology of microencapsulation of proteolitic enzymes that reduces time cheese maturation process, maintaining their organoleptic characteristics.[…]

Detection Kit for drugs and toxic substances

Test kit for both qualitative and quantitative detection of different types of tertiary amines in situ. Detection of tertiary amines is very important as they are classified in several occasions as toxic analytes and/or contaminants. Among the tertiary amines capable of being detected by the develop[…]

Kit de detección de drogas y sustancias tóxicas

Kit de análisis para la detección tanto cualitativa como cuantitativa de diferentes tipos de aminas terciarias in situ. La importancia en la detección de aminas terciarias radica en que son clasificadas en muchas ocasiones como analitos tóxicos y/o contaminantes. Entre las aminas terciarias capaces[…]

Agrofood Industry (5)

Immobilized biocatalysts for debittering citrus juices

Researchers at the University of Burgos are developing a technology of immobilization of enzymes that reduces bitterness in citrus juices.[…]

Immobilization of glucose-oxidase for oenological application to obtain wines with low alcohol content

Researchers at the University of Burgos have developed a technology of immobilization of glucose-oxidase that reduces the amount of glucose available in the must for reducing the alcohol content in wine.[…]

Detector based on a film for in situ Iron, Aluminium and Mercury measures

Polimeric film that acts as a colorimetric film for iron in acqueus media. Presence or lack of iron currently appears in several problems / issues such as legionella´s growth at air conditioning cooling towers. Furthermore, it causes iron chlorosis on fruit and wine trees and it can be transferred t[…]

A functional salt substitute derived from grape pomace with preservative effects and its manufacturing method

Totally natural product derived from masses of vinification, seasoning with a high power allowing to reduce levels of salt from processed foods and making healthier (suitable for hypertensive population). It also has a preservative effect, reducing / eliminating the use of preservatives (egsulfites)[…]

Food-grade collagen obtaining through natural degreasing using supercritical fluids

Food-use collagen obtaining through pigskin degreasing using compressed carbon dioxide (yields above 90%). The method does not alter the nature of the protein contained in the skin and uses a safe solvent (CO2) in order to obtain a suitable feedstock.[…]

Biological Sciences (18)

BEBE-Learning, software to assist in the early detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Software tool designed to assist in the early detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in children through the visual analysis of videos.[…]

Sensor capable of detecting sulphur compounds in wines

Researchers from the University of Burgos have developed a method capable of detecting sulphur compounds, specifically mercaptans, in wines. This new methodology allows analysis to be carried out quickly and with high sensitivity. Furthermore, the proposed electrochemical method is characterized by […]

Researchers at the university of Burgos have developed a procedure to concentrate viruses from food samples (especially meat) and clinical samples. The new procedure is not only cheaper and easier to implement, but it is also a sustainable method as it does not use organic solvents.[…]

Bioactive compounds of food and their health benefits

A research group at the University of Burgos is carrying out studies on bioactive compounds with healthy properties, present in foods or in plant extracts. The aim of this study is to evaluate their antioxidant effects as well as their effects on biomarkers of diseases associated with oxidative stre[…]

Enzymatic synthesis of structured lipids enriched in fatty acids. Study of its oxidative stability.

It is intended to apply biotechnological procedures (lipases), alternative to chemical treatments of transesterification and hydrolysis, for the modification of fats and oils. Lipases allow carrying out enzymatic processes for the formulation of "structured" lipid nutritional products, formulated to[…]

Procedure for the determination of cocaine using an enzymatic biosensor

The design, construction and use procedure of a system of three electrodes (a work electrode subsequently modified with the immobilization of an enzyme, one for reference and another auxiliary), disposable screen-printed on a polyester (PET) support, has been carried out. space allows rapid “in situ[…]

Biotechnological debittering of green table olives

This technology is intended to eliminate the bitter compound oleuropein in producing green table olives, by employing new biotechnological processes alternative to the use of alkali.[…]

Researchers from the University of Burgos have described a procedure for the synthesis of hydroxyalkylamide derivatives from the corresponding O-aryl N,N-diethylcarbamates and an epoxide, which has allowed them to prepare several series of new chiral compounds with potential applications in the phar[…]

Researchers from the University of Burgos, the University of Barcelona and the Spin-off Nostrum Biodiscovery, have described the use in medicine of asenapine or the possible combinations of it with other anticancer agents, as well as pharmaceutical compositions and kits that contain them, in particu[…]

The University of Burgos, in co-ownership with the Complutense University of Madrid, has registered a new accessory that allows controlling the visual and body posture of whoever wears it, including a vibration sensor as a warning system.[…]

New iridium(III) complexes with application as photo-catalyst and for the treatment of cancer

Researchers from the University of Burgos have patented a synthetic process of cationic Iridium(III) complexes with formula (I). Moreover, they have developed a one-pot protocol for the regioselective synthesis of 3-thiocyanato indoles (II) from their corresponding indolines. On the other hand, the […]

Composición farmacéutica para el tratamiento de la fibrosis quística

Composición farmacéutica para la preparación de un medicamento destinado al tratamiento y/o profilaxis de enfermedades derivadas del transporte anómalo de aniones a nivel celular que comprende un compuesto de fórmula (I).[…]

Pharmaceutical composition for the preparation of a medicament for the treatment and /or prophylaxis of diseases derived from the abnormal transport of anions at the cellular level, comprising a compound of formula (I).[…]

Colorimetric sensors for the detection and quantification of amino acids, peptides and proteins applied to monitoring chronic wounds

The invention provides new crosslinked copolymers derived from ninhydirin, and their use, in film, membrane or gel form, as chromogenic sensors in the presence of amino acids, small proteins or peptides present in aqueous samples, wounds, wound exudates, biological samples and medical samples. Th[…]

The method developed in this patent is based on the preparation of new polymeric materials, which act as fluorometric sensors, for anions and, especially, for chlorides, in aqueous solution, for example in industrial water, potable water and/or sweat. The detection of chlorides is very important bot[…]

El método desarrollado en esta patente se basa en la preparación de nuevos materiales poliméricos que se comportan como sensores fluorimétricos para aniones y, en particular, para cloruros, en medios acuosos, como por ejemplo en aguas industriales, en aguas de consumo humano y/o en sudor. La detecc[…]

Compounds capable of facilitating the transmembrane anion transport for  the treatment of Cystic Fibrosis

The field of the invention is related to compounds containing a triazole-dipyrromethene core which facilitate the anion transport through lipid membranes. These molecules are capable of mimicking the function of transmembrane proteins and thus replacing their function at cellular level. These compou[…]

Compuestos destinados al tratamiento de la fibrosis quística facilitando el transporte de aniones a nivel celular

El campo de la invención está relacionado con compuestos de tipo triazol-dipirrometeno capaces de facilitar el transporte de aniones a través de membranas lipídicas. Estas moléculas son capaces de suplir la función perdida en enfermedades relacionadas con deficiencias en el transporte de aniones a n[…]

Electronics, IT and Telecomms (30)

- We use the new technologies and its combination to make proffesional media projects. - The media projects are very useful in the dissemination of culture, heritage, learning and events. New technologies are essential to communication in these areas and we know how to use them. - Our work in […]

The use of new technologies (Internet/mobile phones) can involve a competitive advantage for small and medium sized firms. The advice can be focused on the development of a new business or on the complementarion of a new business at a low cost with an existing one. Introducción en el campo de las nu[…]

DEVECA - Mobile application for the detection of fragile vehicles on roads.

Mobile application that allows to anticipate the risk situation in order to increase the driver's attention during the stretch of coincidence with a fragile vehicle. This application collects geolocation data of the subjects and stores them so that the main companies offering GPS services can use th[…]

Decision support tool for managing the PQ Problem Extended

Decision Support Tool for Production Flexibility (Volume and Mix) (specifically, the Extended Goldratt PQ Problem) based on Hybrid Simulation (discrete simulation and agent-based intelligent simulation).[…]

Software tool for decision making in supply chains

Software tool designed to assist decision-making and thereby enhance the supply chain based on hybrid simulation, simulating detailed behavior collaboratively and non-collaboratively, at different levels of noise.[…]

Virtual reality educational tool for learning improvement

It is an educational virtual reality tool that aims to increase success in learning basic computer science.[…]

New synthetic marine alkaloid analogs with anticancer activity

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Therefore new improved chemotherapeutic agents are needed. The tambjamines are a class of marine alkaloids with intriguing pharmacological properties, including antitumor activity. Inspired in the structure of these compounds we have synthes[…]

Electrical and topological modeling of electrical distribution networks

Electrical and topological modeling of electrical distribution networks for visualization in Google Earth and subsequent optimization studies and calculations of load flows and connection capacities of electrical generators according to RDC / DE / 001/21 of the National Commission of the Markets and[…]

Creation of personalized tourist routes for android devices

This application provides the user with a personalized tourist route over a defined town or city, devised according to certain preferences expressed by himself. The user will define the time of beginning and ending of the route along with which types of activities/sites he would enjoy the most (monu[…]

GEO-MOBILITY: Application that helps people with disabilities or reduced mobility to control their environment

Geolocation application that is designed to promote mobility and autonomy of people. Its operation is based on the marking of safe areas where the user controls the environment. The system issues warnings to the caregiver or person in charge in the event that certain circumstances occur, such as le[…]

Geo-park: Help people with reduced mobility in their urban movement and parking

Application designed to solve problems of urban movement and parking, aimed at people with disabilities or reduced mobility. The operation is based on an exchange of information on the availability of places reserved for people with reduced mobility or disability in a specific environment, such as […]

New array of sensors for the selective detection of nitro-explosive vapours (TNT, RDX, PETN).

The detection of explosives in gas phase crucial both in the field of civil security and forensic chemistry, i.e., in determining the explosive used in terrorist attacks. This technology describes the development and use of an array of three solid fluorescent sensory films for the selective detecti[…]

Market research, consumer studies and advice for the development of online and mobile commerce

Strategy planning and design to analyse a market, define the target, market segmentation and develop a new electronic or mobile business as exclusive or complementary to an offline business.[…]

Design and development of virtual and/or interactive guides/tours

The virtual or interactive visit consists of recreating, by means of a computer, a real element such as a landscape, an urban environment, the interior of an establishment..., allowing the observer to move through said environment and obtain information on the different elements included. in it, suc[…]

Mobile Visualization Connectionist Agent-Based Intrusion Detection System

The Intrusion Detection System developed combines different paradigms of the fieldof Artificial Intelligence to offer an intuitive visualization of the traffic that circulates through acomputer network that enables the identification of intrusions and attacks in early stages.To do this, it processes[…]

Sistema de detección de intrusiones basado en agentes

El Sistema de Detección de Intrusiones desarrollado combina diferentes paradigmas del campo de la Inteligencia Artificial para ofrecer una visualización intuitiva del tráfico que circula por una red de ordenadores que posibilita la identificación intrusiones y ataques en etapas tempranas. Para ello […]

Augmented Reality on Android: Arquiz

ARQuiz is a customizable educational game for mobile devices. ARQuiz is an application designed with the purpose of learning and whose possibilities are limitless.[…]

Design and deployment of Hybrid Intelligent Systems

Due to the hybrid nature of most real-life problems, both data and knowledge must be applied to find a proper solution. In keeping with this idea, hybrid intelligent systems combines different artificial intelligence techniques and paradigms (symbolic and sub-symbolic) to construct more robust and r[…]

Adapting social scripts for Android platform Socio-Ruta V1.0

This is a set of socio-communicative software that has been designed for use by people with Autism Spectrum Disorders or for people who have difficulty in social situations with different levels of difficulty, such as can be people with brain damage, social phobia, nonverbal learning disorder, speci[…]

On  Screen  Interface Software

This software makes the use of the computer possible to a number of disabled individuals. It shows on the computer’s screen a configurable interface where the user has access to all keyboard and mouse functionalities. It is presented as a scanner keyboard where the active key is moving through rows[…]

Augmented Reality Game (AUREA)

Game chips based on virtual reality for the disabled. A tool where children with cerebral palsy interact with the computer by using properly designed chips that can be recognized by a webcam, and thereafter show by screen where would be the chip, a phrase, or 2D image 3D, as appropriate to the combi[…]

The University of Burgos has developed a web application, accessible from a browser, that implements a tool for traffic analysis. It uses GPS data of vehicles that are moving and this data is used to obtain a sample of the traffic during their movements. The use of Big Data technology in the monitor[…]

The tool allows the automation, registration and evaluation of the “Functional Skills Detection Scale in children 0-6 years old” (e-EarlyCare) and the development of personalized programs through a web application. This application is aimed at professionals from Early Care centers, specific to Speci[…]

Photocatalyzers of ruthenium (II) and photocatalytic synthesis of iminas.

Ruthenium (II) photocatalysts of formula (M +) nXn- are described, in which Xn- is an anion and M + is a cationic complex of formula (Ia) comprising an 8-arylsulfonamidoquinoline ligand, as well as its method of obtaining it. The use of said ruthenium (II) photocatalysts in the synthesis of imines b[…]

Automatic autonomous device for water control and monitoring, and other aqueous media (based on the detection of analytes of interest)

Smart device focused on real-time water management. Applicable both drinking water and industrial and waste waters, monitored parameters include cations (Fe (III), Hg (II), Al (III), etc.), oxidants (Cl, nitrites, peroxide, etc.), biogenic amines, trinitrotoluene, pH, turbidity, conductivity, etc. […]

Creation of guides and virtual and/or interactive visits for industry, commerce, etc...

Design of virtual environments and visits for industry, tourism and culture. It is possible to recreate real elements as sceneries or interiors, adding historical information, product characteristics, room names or product prices. The access to these virtual visits through a worldwide available web[…]

People counting system or occupation control system in adverse conditions of brightness

Artificial vision system and data capture for counting people in adverse environmental conditions. The real time data is used to analyse the occupation or people flows in a reliable way, becoming a tool to improve the decision making more efficiently.[…]

Direct “in situ” determination of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) using a device formed by three disposable screen-printed electrodes

New device for direct “in situ” detection of ascorbic acid in different types of liquid samples, for example biological samples or food products. The equipment consists of an electrode system formed by three disposable electrodes, obtained by silkscreen printing.[…]

Polymer Conductor with properties according to your needs

The University of Burgos has developed a new solid electrical conductive polymer material, preferably as film or coating, using non-conductive polymers. This material can be used in the production of resistive or conductive sensors for substances of interest, both in gas phase and in solution, or fo[…]

Device for detecting and monitoring lactate in sweat

Electronic device capable of detecting lactic acid in sweat, in real time, through screen-printed electrodes. The device includes an enzymatic biosensor capable of measuring the specific activity of the enzyme lactate oxidase on lactic acid, substance generated during physical exercise and partly ex[…]

Energy Technology (11)

Sustainable concrete with recycled concrete aggregate and wind turbine blade waste

The patent is based on the production of sustainable concrete using wind turbine blade waste, recycled concrete aggregates and conventional components. The production process guarantees good workability of the concrete and its efficient transportation. The wind turbine blade waste, composed of fiber[…]

A promising organic compound for redox flow batteries

In the search for organic compounds for redox flow batteries, researchers from the University of Burgos have developed a synthetic procedure that allows obtaining a viologen, 3,3'-([4,4'-bipyridin]-1,1'-diio-1,1'-diyl)bis(butane-1-sulfonate), in a simple, selective and multigram scale. The use of th[…]

Advanced treatment process and biogas production from wastewater with high oil and grease content

Researchers at the University of Burgos have developed a process for the anaerobic treatment and biogas production from wastewater with high oil and grease content. It is known that even low levels of oil and grease produce important upsets of the conventional anaerobic treatment process in long te[…]

Method for measuring energy in dynamic probing equipments

In compliance with the UNE standards, the results of this kind of tests have to be corrected by means of energy efficiency. In order to calculate these corrections, a device was design by means of monitoring a steel bar and by a signal acquisition and conditioner equipment. In Spain, up to now, this[…]

The University of Burgos (UBU) has developed a new technology aimed at obtaining rockrose extracts with high antioxidant capacity due to their levels of polyphenols and flavonoids, through the use of fluids in conditions below their critical point (subcritical conditions).[…]

Researchers from the University of Burgos have developed an installation for the purification of wastewater in small towns, offering an economic and environmental solution, with multiple advantages. In Spain, 47% of the municipalities have less than 500 inhabitants, the possible beneficiaries of thi[…]

Sistema y procedimiento de tratamiento anaerobio de fluidos residuales biodegradables

Biorreactor compuesto por dos depósitos cerrados comunicados (tanque de digestión anaerobia y tanque de filtración) para el tratamiento anaerobio de aguas residuales complejas con producción de biogás. Se emplea material de relleno, de forma desordenada, aumentando la capacidad de acumulación de bio[…]

Anaerobic treatment of biodegradable waste liquids

Bioreactor formed by two connected closed tanks (anaerobic digestion tank and filtration tank) for the anaerobic treatment of complex wastewater with biogas production. A support material is used, in a non-arranged way, increasing the active biomass accumulation capacity and allowing downwards flow[…]

Innovative mechanism for integral cleaning and maintenance of wind turbines

At present, and since the introduction of wind turbine parks high altitude, it is difficult to clean the outside of the towers and wind turbine blades with traditional systems. For reasons of typical maintenance tasks, often occur spills of fluids and lubricants transmissions machinery transforming[…]

Solar trackers based on parallel kinematics for its integration into Smart Grids

The technology involves a machine that supports solar modules (photovoltaic, thermal or hybrid) increasing significantly its energy efficiency. The main feature of both solar trackers is its simplicity of the machine and its parallel kinematics working principle. Its structure provides a robust sup[…]

Device to measure the diffuse solar radiation in any direction at the same time: energy efficiency applications

Device that allows simultaneous diffuse radiation in four spatial directions and in both horizontal and vertical planes. Model the diffuse radiation over any facade or cover surface is possible using this mechanism.[…]

Industrial Technologies (15)

Chimney flow control

A chimney flue closure device comprising a bracket configured to be attached to the chimney wall.[…]

Method for the optimization of large structural elements.

New structural concepts that are cheaper than those currently used, being able to make estimates of the residual mechanical capacity and of the useful life with elements on a 1:1 scale. This is possible both to the facilities and to the equipment that is available.[…]

Large scale structural testing for civil engineering, energy industry and others, including static and dynamic testings

Large scale structural testing can be developed in our laboratory. The main field is civil engineering, but others industrial sectors can be held, as energy industry, aerospace, automotive industry, etc. Static and or dynamic testing can be carried out, including large cyclic testings, seismic test[…]

Honey powder preparation method

Researchers from the University of Burgos have developed a procedure to produce powdered honey by lyophilization or by vacuum drying using maltodextrin as a dehydration aid, so that a fine and pleasant powdery solid is obtained. This maintains the sensory and physicochemical properties of honey as m[…]

Method of preparation and use of derivatives of perylene-diimide (PDI) in different applications such as bioimaging or biomarkers.

The present invention provides a methodology for the synthesis of derivatives of perylene-diimide (PDI, for which there was no obtention process, and its use in different applications such as bioimaging or biomarkers.[…]

Electrochemical sensor for the “in situ” detection and measurement of chloride ion in fluid samples

This patented technology is focused on the development of a sensor for the detection and determination of the chloride ion content in fluid samples. This determination is of interest in the diagnosis of diseases, like for example cystic fibrosis, and in the analysis of samples, both food, pharmaceut[…]

Detection and quantification “in situ” of mercury, copper and nitrites in water and food products using a polymeric detector

The method developed in this patent is based on the use of cross-linked copolymers, which act as colorimetric sensors, for the detection and / or quantification of divalent metals: mercury [Hg (II)] and copper [Cu (II)]; and anions: nitrite (NO2-). It is applicable in different matrices, both aqueou[…]

Detector polimérico para medidas “in situ” y cuantificación de mercurio, cobre y nitritos en agua y productos alimentarios

El método desarrollado en esta patente se basa en el uso de copolímeros reticulados, que actuan como sensores colorimétricos, para la detección y/o cuantificación de metales divalentes: mercurio [Hg(II)] y cobre [Cu(II)]; y de aniones: nitrito (NO2-). Es aplicable en diferentes matrices, tanto medio[…]

New light materials cement base with improved properties for construction and civil engineer

A research group at the University of Burgos have patented different materials whose base are cement and have improved for the construction and civil engineering properties, especially for the use thereof as indoor / outdoor carpet, as landfill soil and grouting factories. The feature common to all […]

New lightweight lime based materials with improved properties for construction

A research group at the University of Burgos have patented different materials whose base is the lime and they have improved properties for construction, particularly for the use thereof as coatings used in Artistic Heritage. The feature common to all is that different wastes are used for which the […]

New light materials plaster base with improved properties for construction

A research group at the University of Burgos have patented different materials whose base is gypsum and construction have improved properties, especially for the use of the same mass as coatings or to prefabricated interior. The feature common to all is that different wastes are used for which the c[…]

Self-supporting and autonomous prosthesis for the progressive lengthening of long bones

Telescopic intramedullary device for the elongation of long bones, mainly for patients with achondroplasia (1 in 25,000 live births), which has a motorized tight mechanism, that increases its length by request of the patient, without any physical connection to the device. For its self-supporting cha[…]

New low cost colorimetric sensors, both solid and in aqueous solution, for the naked eye detection in situ and quantification of nitro-explosives (TNT)

It is known the high toxicity of nitro-explosives, namely TNT, which are easily absorbed by the skin and the intestinal tract. It is also known the presence of this compound in contaminated civil areas arisen from older military installations, or even from terrorist attacks. This causes both health […]

New procedure for the aerobic oxidation of a sulfoxide group to a sulfone with significant improvements in its use and storage

A new procedure for the oxidation of a sulfoxide group to a sulfone group has been patented. This new process consists in the oxidation of the sulfoxide with air in the presence of a molibdenum compound as catalyst, preferentially dioxomolibdenum (VI) bis(acetilacetonate) or dinuclear derivatives co[…]

New methodology for the catalytic reduction of nitroaromatic compounds environmental friendly

The invention relates to a new general method for the reduction of nitroarenes to anilines using a Mo(VI) catalyst and pinacol as reducing agent. The products obtained show excellent yields. It should be noted that this new method uses an easily available and non-toxic reducing agent that generates […]

Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies (33)

Material capable of detecting the decomposition of certain packaged foods.

Researchers at the University of Burgos have developed polymers that are capable of detecting the compounds released by certain decomposing foods. Using this technology is possible to know quickly and safely if packaged food, specifically fish, is still suitable for consumption. These materials can[…]

Manufacture of an eco-cobble from recycled material

A research group from the University of Burgos has developed a procedure for the manufacture of a lightweight cement eco-cobble with industrial polymer waste. This technology allows waste from car roofs to be disposed of, building a material with very good properties and with application in the cons[…]

Fabricación de un ecoadoquín a partir de material reciclado

Un grupo de investigación de la Universidad de Burgos ha desarrollado un procedimiento para la fabricación de un ecoadoquín de cemento aligerado con residuos poliméricos industriales. Esta tecnología permite dar salida a los residuos de los techos de los automóviles construyendo un material con muy[…]

Sustainable gypsum prefabricated from polyurethane foam residue

A research group at the University of Burgos has developed a procedure for the manufacture of a prefabricated gypsum using polyurethane foam waste (of industrial origin). The cost of the sustainable prefabricated product is lower than the traditional one and it also presents improvements in terms of[…]

A research group at the University of Burgos has developed a procedure for the production of concrete from wind turbine blade waste. The concrete object of the invention not only has good performance both in fresh and hardened state, but also represents a viable solution for recycling wind turbine b[…]

Researchers from the University of Burgos have developed a procedure to produce powdered products by freeze drying or vacuum drying from syrupy products (SP) using optionally maltodextrin as a dehydration carrier, so that fine and pleasant powdery solids are obtained. The dehydrated products preserv[…]

Devices for analysis and characterization of materials using electrochemical-based multiple response techniques

Multiple response techniques are all those in which more than one response is obtained simultaneously on the same chemical system or process. Electrochemistry is usually used as a means of controlling the oxidation state of the analyzed material, obtaining in the same experience one or more spectros[…]

Crosslinking aromatic polyamides (aramids)

The new cross-linked aramid polymers have shown improved properties, in particular, electrical insulation, thermal, stability, and/or mechanical properties while maintaining ease of processing. Further, the properties shown by the new cross-linked aramids of the invention render the product especial[…]

Retractable hood for motorized wheelchairs.

It is a device to be attached to wheelchairs to provide protection for their users from adverse weather conditions such as rainfall, snow or hail or against wind and protection from direct sunlight.[…]

Environmentally friendly procedure for the synthesis of aldehydes and ketones from diols/ Procedure for the oxidative cleavage of 1,2-diols using dimethyl sulfoxide as oxidizing agent

The oxidative cleavage of vicinal diols to the corresponding aldehydes or ketones is a highly useful transformation in organic synthesis. Traditional methods for carrying out this transformation encompass the use of lead tetraacetate or periodates, that show obvious disadvantages such as the high to[…]

New methods for the detection and discrimination of contaminants and organic metabolites of high environmental impact by means of fluorogenic probes

The research group develops new selective fluorogenic probes for organic molecules of low molecular weight and high social and environmental impact. The newly developed fluorogenic probes are able of show large differences of fluorescence in the presence of certain analytes and they are oriented to […]

App that allows measure substances of interest with a single photograph

Researchers from the University of Burgos have developed an APP which measures substances of interest (biocompounds, polluting substances, etc.) with a simple photograph.[…]

Researchers from the University of Burgos have described a new polymeric material that has biocidal capacity (both bactericidal and virucidal capacity) against bacteria of food or environmental origin, as well as for viruses present in food or of respiratory transmission.[…]

Researchers from the University of Burgos, in collaboration with other research centers, have described a new invention that consists of the geometric definition of a specimen to carry out characterization tests of the tensile strength of concrete and other secondary binding materials, specific for […]

Researchers from the University of Burgos (UBU) have developed a high-performance concrete (HPC) and improved shrinkage, made with recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) and reactive magnesium oxide (MgO). The developed concrete has a high workability, which allows a simple and economical installation, a[…]

Researchers from the University of Burgos (UBU) have developed a fire-resistant cement precast lightened with industrial waste of polymeric origin, from recycled vehicle roofs, made in the form of a block for the construction of walls or a similar structure.[…]

Researchers from the University of Burgos have patented a new gypsum-based material that has improved properties for construction, especially for use as coatings where high fire resistance is required. This material is made up of waste from the iron and steel industry for which the criteria for its […]

A research group at the University of Burgos (UBU) has developed new aromatic polyamides (aramids) models and polymeric materials reinforced with carbon nano-fillers, chemically functionalized previously with these polyamide models, constituting materials with exceptional mechanical and thermal prop[…]

Sustainable roller-compacted concrete comprises Portland cement as primary binder, aggregates, water and admixtures. Concrete is characterized as comprising metallic and/or plastic fibers, ground granulated blast furnace slag as secondary binder and ladle furnace slag as ternary binder, the aggregat[…]

Self-compacting concrete with electric arc furnace slag in all fractions that is composed of Portland cement as primary binder, ground granualted blast furnace slag as secondary binder and ladle furnace slag as ternary binder, in addition to aggregate, water and admixtures, metallic and/or synthetic[…]

Self-compacting concrete with recycled concrete aggregate in all fractions, using Portland cement as primary binder, and ground granulated blast furnace slag as secondary binder. Its innovative composition and installation procedure allow achieving excellent results of durability, sustainability and[…]

Self-compacting concrete with recycled concrete aggregate and low shrinkage is characterized by its composition based on Portland cement as first binder, ground granulated blast furnace slag as second binder, and ladle furnace slag as third binder. Its innovative composition and installation procedu[…]

Researchers from the University of Burgos have developed a new tank for compression pressure measurement cells, for geotechnical application, which represents a significant improvement over existing devices on the market by facilitating their manufacturing process, reducing the cost per piece.[…]

New test for components subjected to high pressure (up to 6000 bar)

Test for components subjected to high pressure (pipes and driving elements) (up to 6000 bar) which allows: 1. To assess structural integrity and failure analysis. 2. To reproduce the work cycle (0-6000bar-0). 3. To know the performance of new components subjected to high pressure. 4. To determi[…]

A device for the evaluation of the stuctural integrity of pipes and conduction elements subjected to high pressure.

A device for testing components subjected to high pressure (pipes and conduction elements), being able to hitch in any universal machine of dynamic tests to reproduce the work cycles (0-6000bar-0) of the different components to analyse. Thanks to this new equipment, it will be possible to verify qui[…]

Heat exchanger with energy storage alteration detectors.

Heat exchange system with internal energy storage with sensors that detect performance alterations and take decisions about energy efficiency of the system, saving energy and economical loses.[…]

Manufacturing process optimization method for metallic components in the industry.

The vast majority of metal products in the industrial level are obtained from sheet metal forming, which are used in a diversity of applications, from car bodies, appliances and planes, together with beverage packaging. In order to define the final design and structure of a stamped component there […]

Permanent magnets rotor for high-powered synchronic motors for hybrid vehicles performance.

Curved poles rotor with agglomerated permanent magnets for synchronic three-phase motors, increasing torque and performance more than a 20% against known electric motors with rectangular poles.[…]

Working lifting platform as a tool for agricultural tractors.

Lifting platform as a tool attachable to three-point hitch for agricultural tractors constituted by an articulated mechanism that has a lifting platform with a cage to elevate people and to make agricultural work in height with safety.[…]

PAVEL: Vehicle route planning and logistics operations

Software developed for route optimization as intended for companies or entities interested in solving their problems of transportation planning (delivery to customers or delegations, collection suppliers, etc.). The aim of using this system is to help obtain cheaper solutions, more convenient, secu[…]

Attachable kit for bikes, bound to pedalling help through the use of braking energy

Regenerative braking device capable of storing the kinetic energy absorbed during the braking process of the bicycle, by compressing ambient air and storing that energy as compressed air. This compressed air is used as an energy source in case of need extra help in cyclist’s pedalling.[…]

Kit acoplable a bicicletas para la ayuda en el pedaleo a través del aprovechamiento de la energía de la frenada

Dispositivo de frenado regenerativo neumático capaz de almacenar la energía cinética absorbida durante el proceso de frenado de la bicicleta, mediante compresión de aire ambiente y su almacenado como aire comprimido. Éste es utilizado como fuente de energía en el caso de necesitar ayuda adicional en[…]

Orientation of fibers within composites: improvement of material properties and manufacturing process

It is well known that there are correlations between fiber orientation and mechanical and/or physical properties of the composite. Knowing the real orientation of the fibers within a composite material can help to optimize the design and manufacturing process. A composite material contains materia[…]

Lightweight (2)

Reusable device that allows the circulation of a constant volume of electrolyte in tests on rotating bending fatigue test machines.

Rotating bending fatigue machine are essential for testing material properties. It is usual to face samples of the different materials to conditions that differ from the usual ones, such as corrosive environments, to evaluate their behavior. Researchers from the University of Burgos have developed […]

Evaluation of mechanical and fracture properties by miniature punching test

In recent decades, many researchers have used the miniature punching test in order to obtain the mechanical and fracture properties of a material, in cases where there is not enough material to carry out standardized tests. such as in the case of welds or irradiated material. In this sense, a proced[…]

Measurements and Standards (2)

The University of Burgos, through the AUSINCO research group (Auscultation, Instrumentation and Control of Structures), makes available to the civil works sector (construction companies, quality control companies, research centers, Public Administrations, etc.) and industry, a technology based on la[…]

Solid sensory film for in situ detection and quantification of Iron, Aluminium and Mercury

The development of simple, fast and inexpensive colorimetric sensors for timeless and in-situ detection of trace amounts of iron, aluminium and mercury in aqueous media by non-specialized personnel has become a major challenge, mainly because the presence or absence of these compounds can lead to a […]